Plan/Book a Journey

Things to Consider When Planning a Journey

Planning and preparing for your vacation isn’t daunting or confusing if you know what things to prepare before you go on your vacation.

Choosing a destination shouldn’t be hard.  What is on top of your bucket list? Which place have you always wanted to go? What is your utmost dream vacation?

Now that you have chosen a destination, keep an important note in mind, if you are planning to travel outside of U.S., you need to get your documents in order. Documents include passport and/or visa. Russia, for instance, requires valid visa along with passport so find out which countries require visa. Processing time for passport takes about 4 to 6 weeks so give you time in advance to get them done. If you are in a hurry and need it to be expedited, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks with additional fees. For more information, go to U.S. Department of State website.

Next thing you need to decide is if your budget is flexible or limited. Some destinations are cheaper than others such as Mexico. They usually offer all-inclusive packages. Another helpful thing to consider is to find out if the place you want to visit is a popular vacation spot and if it would be busy during your date of travel. Consider going off-season, which can save you bundles of money.

How long do you want your vacation to be? Weekend? A weeklong? Two weeks? A month?  That depends on how much time you have or want to take.

Once you have decided on a vacation spot or tour, length of trip and budget allowance, what kind of lodging do you want? Do you want to stay at a hotel, villa, condo or vacation rental? Do you want it to be in the heart of bustling city or by the beach, ocean or lake or in the mountains?  Need to rent a car?  Or you may prefer taking a cruise? Now you have decided on your destination, booka flight.

Now travel arrangements are done, it is strongly encouraged that you make copies of all documents that you will take with you on your trip such as passport, driver’s license and debit/credit cards. Keep a copy in your luggage and another copy elsewhere. Having this information on hand would come in very handy, should they get lost or stolen while traveling.

Happy travels!