The Wonders of Travel Club

DreamTravelVacation includes the wonders of travel club called DreamTrips, where members have opportunities to travel all over the world for way-out adventures at very competitive prices. This travel club can get you exclusive membership to all fabulous vacations. Membership is available in many countries and is continuing to grow. It also has the amazing deals that you can’t pass up on.

The great thing about DreamTrips membership is you get an opportunity to have extraordinary vacations at amazing value. How would you like to see:

  • Eiffel Tower in Paris?
  • The famous Big Ben in London?
  • World’s Crookedest Street in San Francisco?
  • Empire State Building in New York City?
  • All-inclusive Caribbean Resort?
  • Historical buildings in Greece?
  • Yellowstone National Park?
  • Disney World in Orlando?
  • MLB All-star Baseball Game?
  • Grand Prix of Europe?
  • Fly Fishing?

There are much more to choose from. Some of you may prefer staying close to home while others may prefer traveling across the world. Many of you dream of luxurious vacations. Through DreamTrips, the four or five-star resorts are available at two or three-star prices. Whereas, some prefer more rugged vacations such as hunting or fishing or visiting National Parks. There are hundreds of DreamTrips designed for all kinds of travelers.  You don’t need to stress yourself with details of planning. The beauty of DreamTrips is that they have been planned.  All you need to do is to book that vacation you have always dreamed of taking.

For more details on DreamTrip membership, click here.

Along with DreamTrips, MyRovia.com is a new travel-centric social media website that gives you an opportunity to share your vacation stories, pictures and videos along with user reviews. Imagine having Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook all in one place.  That’s what MyRovia is about. It makes your buying and social experience much more pleasant. Additionally, it’s a better way to plan your next vacation based on your family and friends’ reviews, which is much more trustworthy than some strangers’ reviews.  On top of MyRovia.com, DreamTrips is being enhanced to DreamTrips life which include common activities with discounts. There is cash back rewards. Nevertheless, the possibilities are endless because of social media internationally. For more details, watch this video.

With the stress and economy that we all face in our everyday life, DreamTrips membership is something we all should be part of, especially with the new DreamTrips life.  Don’t pass up on a perfect opportunity to save bundles of money and be able to travel more. It would be a wise investment you have ever made.

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