Travel to Brazil

Make your dream vacation to Brazil happen. 

Brazil is big, and it would certainly take more than one single Dream Travel Vacation to take in all the wonders it encompasses. The trick is to set your sights on just one, or even a few, of the many fascinating places and sights that are to be experienced there.

Everyone knows about the Amazon rain forest, the famous Brazil breaches and the nightlife and excitement of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, but there are lesser-known journey gems throughout this tropical country that are slowly being discovered by the traveling public, and which are quickly making Brazil the hottest destination for dream travel vacations.


The city of Salvador is the capital of the Brazilian state of Bahai. Salvador is the oldest city in Brazil, and perhaps it’s most charming. Here you can explore the old world colonial charm of cobbled streets, ornate churches, vibrantly colored mansions and flower-festooned courtyards, and stroll pasts doorways filled with folk art, sculptures and musical instruments for sale.

Iguassu Falls

Words and pictures simply cannot do justice to Iguassu Falls. This hypnotizing natural wonder is shared between Argentina and Brazil, and consists of over 275 waterfalls and cascades two miles wide that fall over 260 feet down a stepped series of precipices. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of South America and a sight never to be forgotten.


Located in the northeast corner of the country, Amazonas is the largest State in Brazil. These hinterlands far in the interior are a vast expanse of virgin forest and a network of rivers, a true “Green Inferno” of unspoiled Amazon rainforest and a World Heritage Site that offers a host of possibilities for a dream travel adventure.


The Pantanal is the world’s largest tropical wetland, an immense, pristine and biologically rich ecological wonder in the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso do Sul. This is the place to go in Brazil take an eco-tour and learn about bio-diversity and see wildlife. Capuchin and howler monkeys, caimans and tapirs and anacondas, toucans and rare Hyacinth Macaws and thousands of other life forms team across this remarkable and comparatively untouched wilderness.

Of course, none of this is meant to take away from the allure of the Brazil beaches or the intrigue and nightlife of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, it is just a short list of alternatives to consider when thinking about a Dream Travel Vacation to Brazil.